The Mineral Collector's Newsletter


  • Complete Index 2004-2007 - By Author

    Adams, Paul M,: Zalesiite from the Gold Hill Mine, Utah, 21-8:1
    Adams, Paul M.: Micromineralogy of the Blue Monster Mine, California, 21-9:5
    American Museum of Natural History (NY), Press Release: Exhibits of Fabulous Gems & Minerals are Unveiled, 21-1:5
    American Museum of Natural History (NYC), Press Release: New Mineral Acquisitions, 22-2:14
    AMNH, Press Release: Ammonite Fossil on Display, 23-9:12
    AMNH, Press Release: Spectacular Stibnite Specimen from China Unveiled, 23-4:1
    Behnke, Russ: American Mineral Classics: Chalcocite from Connecticut, 21-9:12
    Blauwet, Dudley: Cold, Gray and Hungry: An Early Mineral Buying Trip to Pakistan (Part I), 20-4:1
    Blauwet, Dudley: Cold, Gray and Hungry: An Early Mineral Buying Trip to Pakistan (Part II), 20-5:1
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part I, 22-7:1
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part II, 22-8:1
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part III, 22-9:5
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part IV, 22-11:9
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part VI, 23-4:8
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part VII, 23-6:11
    Blauwet, Dudley: Earthquake Relief and a Tiresome Journey (Difficult Trip to Pakistan) - Part VIII, 23-7:6
    Bostwick, Richard: So What is the Tucson Show, Anyway? and Our Personal Tucson, 22-4:1
    Bunk, Dave: New Moroccan Acanthite Discovery, 21-9:1
    Carlson, Shawn M. et al.: The Rock Dam Gold Prospect, 23-12:1
    Carnegie Museum, Press Release: "Queen of Mineralogy" (J.C. Zeitner) Wins 2005 Carnegie Mineralogical Award, 22-2:13
    Carnegie Museum, Press Release: 2006 Winner Carnegie Mineralogical Award (Richard Whiteman), 23-2:9
    Carnegie Museum, Press Release: Carnegie Mineralogical Award Announced, 21-3:6
    Carnegie Museum, Press Release: Carnegie Museum Awards the Carnegie Mineralogical Award, 20-4:11
    Carter-Kennedy, Jimmy: Travels with Mad Dog, 20-7:5
    Chamberlain, Steve: 32nd Rochester Mineralogical Symposium Preview, 21-3:5
    Chamberlain, Steve: Preview of the 31st Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, 20-2:8
    Cianciulli, John: Genthelvite from the Franklin Mine - A Second Occurrence, 21-1:10
    Cianciulli, John: Grunerite Now Added to the Franklin-Sterling Hill Mineral List, 20-10:1
    Cordua, William S.: Copper Crystals from the Flambeau Mine, 20-7:1
    Cornish, John: Before & After: An Exceptional Calcite from the Mill Creek Quarry, Polk Co., Oregon, 21-6:10
    Cornish, John: Red, White and Blue (regarding King County, WA specimens), 21-2:5
    Curtis-Steele, Julie: Collecting at Searles Lake, 22-4:15
    Dague, Joe: Lininger Collection to be Auctioned in May 2005, 21-2:9
    Dameron, William H.: Philadelphia Academy Uproar Continues (Letter to Dr. D.J. Baker), 21-5:8
    Davison, Dr. I.R.: Philadelphia Academy Update (Letter to Dameron, American Association of Museum collections guidelines), 21-6:11
    De Mark, Ramon S.: New Mexico News, 20-8:8
    De Mark, Ramon S.: News from the Apache Mine, New Mexico, 20-10:8
    DeMark, Ramon: New Cyanotrichte Find, 21-8:8
    Donnan, Yates: Carolina Gwindels, 23-1:9
    Dorris, Joseph: Colorado Calumet Mining and Glacier Peak Mining Update, 22-9:1
    Dorris, Joseph: Crystal Peak, Colorado: 2007 Mining Update, 23-8:11
    Dorris, Joseph: Glacier Peak Mining Update, 21-8:4
    Dorris, Joseph: Topaz Mountain Update, 23-10:7
    Evans, Terry: Beaconsfield: The Tragedy and the Miracle, 22-5:7
    Fast, Jeff: New Silver Series, 21-9:2
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Acanthite - Third in a Series, 22-5:1
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Native Silver - First in a Series, 21-11:1
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Polybasite - Fourth in a Series, 22-7:1
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Proustite - Sixth (and Last) in a Series, 22-11:1
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Pyrargyrite - Second in a Series, 22-1:1
    Fast, Jeff and Bill Shelton: Stephanite - Fifth in a Series, 22-9:1
    French, Larrry B.: Minerals of the Scratch Awl Mine, Montana, 21-7:1
    French, Larry B.: Minerals of the Travonia Claim, South Boulder Creek Mining District, Granite County, Montana, 20-8:11
    Gaber, Catherine: Juanita Curtis, 22-4:14
    Gaber, Catherine J.: DVD Review: Rhodochrosite: Red Treasure of the Rockies (Sweet Home Mine), 21-3:7
    Gaber, Catherine J.: Involved in Minerals: Fred C. Schafermeyer, 21-6:13
    Gaber, Catherine J.: Unsurpassed Sharing: Dr. Steven Chamberlain, 21-9:14
    Gaber, Catherine J.: Video Review: Rockhounds the Movie, 21-10:15
    Gaber, Cathy: (Rutile on Hematite) Seen at the 31st Rochester Mineralogical Symposium (in Laboratory Notes), 20-6:11
    Gardinos, George: Kerhonksen, N.Y. Selenite Locality Gone, 21-8:11
    Geffner, Paul: How There is No Colored Tourmaline Left on Elba and How I Mananged to Find Some, 22-4:1
    Gochenour, Kenneth L.: New Finds at the Cryo-Genie Mine, San Diego County, California, 20-2:4
    Goldstein, Alan: 2005 San Diego Collecting Trip, 21-10:10
    Goldstein, Alan: Bancroft: A First Timer's Report, 20-9:1
    Goldstein, Alan: Cave in Rock Collecting Ended, 20-9:12
    Goldstein, Alan: FM Geode Symposium, 23-10:10
    Goldstein, Alan: Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District Symposium by the Friends of Mineralogy (Midwest Chapter), 21-1:1
    Goldstein, Alan: Re-Examination of Minerals from the Cave-in-Rock Area, 21-4:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Cerrillos Turquoise - Past and Present, 22-10:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Clay Minerals on Mars, 22-2:10
    Gornitz, Vivien: Diamond: Window into the Earth's Interior, 23-2:13
    Gornitz, Vivien: Fiery Ice: Looking at Methane Hydrate, 21-2:12
    Gornitz, Vivien: Grand Canyon Uranium: The Orphan Mine, 20-6:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Herbertsmithite: A Rare Mineral with Weird Physics, 23-6:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Hot & Cold Origins: The Mineralogy of a Comet, 23-1:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Mapping the Minerals of Mars, 21-4:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Mars Minerals Reveal Past Secrets - The Red Plant Beckons, 20-3:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Mars Update: Rovers Encounter "Endurance" & Strike a "Pot of Gold", 20-8:9
    Gornitz, Vivien: Minerals as Keys to Ancient Climates, 20-10:9
    Gornitz, Vivien: More on Cerrillos Turquoise - The Kunz/Tiffany Connection, 22-11:6
    Gornitz, Vivien: Reaction to "Education in Geology", 22-6:9
    Gornitz, Vivien: Rubies Baked in Brine, 21-1:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Trapiche Crystals of Gemstones, 23-10:1
    Gornitz, Vivien: Two from the Moon: I. Hapkeite, II: Lunar Meteorite, 20-9:11
    Gornitz, Vivien: Zircon-The World's Oldest Mineral, 21-10:1
    Gricius, Anthony: Wavellite in Central Florida, 21-8:1
    Haas, Dennis W.: Barrel Calcites from the Lohr Quarry, 21-6:1
    Harvey, Sharleen: Friends of Mineralogy Awards, 22-3:4
    Haynes, Patrick: Whale Mine and Mine Closures (Nevada), 23-11:11
    Haynes, Patrick E.: Microminerals from a Little Prospect on Socorro Peak, New Mexico, 21-7:12
    Hedegaard, Claus: Ethics on the Rocks: Mineralientage Munchen 2004, 20-12:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: Happy Birthday Tucson 2004! Fireworks and Eccentrics but No Fish, 20-3:8
    Hedegaard, Claus: Kopparberg at 30: This is Not Going to Get Old!, 22-8:14
    Hedegaard, Claus: Krimskrams in Goteborg, 22-5:13
    Hedegaard, Claus: More on Tucson, 22-9:14
    Hedegaard, Claus: Munich 2005: Leading the Blind, Classical Music and Gracious Rococo, 21-12:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: Munich 2006: Masterpieces and passions in pink, 22-12:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: Munich 2007: The Raiberdaschi and Rosti Schism, 23-11:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: Red Turquoise, Gold, Gender Gap, &etc.: Tucson 2007 Revisited, 23-3:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: St. Marie-aux-Mines 2006: The French Show with Draw Rods, 22-8:1
    Hedegaard, Claus: Sweet Home Mine Rare Mineral Alternative?, 20-11:6
    Hedegaard, Claus: Tucson 2005 - Green Rocks Galore!, 21-3:1
    Himes, Leonard: Abraham Rosenzweig (1925-2005), 21-12:5
    Jacobson, Mark: Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter by C.J. Stevens, 22-3:14
    Jacobson, Mark I.: Colorado Pioneer Nelson "Nels" D. Wanemaker: Prospector, Miner and Rancher, 21-6:6
    Jacobson, Mark Ivan: History of Mining the Main Tantalite Dyke (Australia), 23-6:1
    Jacobson, Mark Ivan: The 1952-62 U.S. Government Beryl-Buying Program, 23-2:6
    Jacobson, Mark Ivan: The Giles Columbite-Beryl Pegmatite of Spargoville, Western Australia, Australia, 20-8:1
    Jaszczak, John A.: An Unusual Find of Graphite in Michigan's Copper Country, 23-11:8
    Jensen, Martin: A New Occurrence of Very Large Titanite Crystals at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 22-3:1
    Jensen, Martin: Mystery Mineral Occurrence at the Sweet Home Mine, Park County, Colorado, 20-5:1
    Jensen, Martin: Update on Rare Minerals at the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, 20-9:1
    King, Van: Gilbert J. Gauthier, 22-7:6
    King, Van: Loseyite from Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey, 23-2:1
    King, Van: Minerals of Halls Ridge and Plumbago-Puzzle Mountain, 22-6:1
    Kuitems, Steve and Tony Nikischer: Hetaerolite from Franklin, NJ, 23-6:9
    Leavitt, Duane: Chabazite from Wasson's Bluff, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia 1964-2005, 22-3:8
    Lillie, Ross: News from Romania, 23-2:5
    Lillie, Ross: Romania is Finished, 23-7:15
    Lillie, Ross: Romanian & Bulgarian Mining Update, 23-4:15
    Lillie, Ross: Romanian & Bulgarian Mining Update, 23-5:15
    Lininger, Jay: Some of the History of Mineralogy at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 20-11:1
    Maine Symposium, Press Release: 2005 Maine Mineral Symposium Preview, 21-2:7
    Marong, Dana: Reaction to "Education in Geology" & "Frederick H. Pough", 22-6:6
    Marshall, J. & V.: The Strange Story of "Stinkspat" Fluorite, 22-8:5
    Martinchek, Bob: More Reader Reaction: A Successful Mineral Show, 22-8:11
    Megaw, Peter: More Reader Reaction: The Tucson Show, 22-7:9
    Megaw, Peter: News from Mexico, 22-7:5
    Megaw, Peter: News from Mexico, 23-11:6
    Megaw, Peter: Orthoserpierite & Schulenbergite from the Platosa Mine, Durango, Mexico, 22-8:12
    Misc., : A Springfield Show Miscellany, 21-9:1
    Misc., : Springfield 2005 Review, 21-9:8
    Miscellaneous, Contributers: More on Paakkonenite, 22-12:8
    Miscellaneous, Contributors: Reaction to Canadian Candy, 23-7:15
    Miscellaneous, Staff Writers: Dr. Pete Dunn Retires from Smithsonian, 23-12:13
    Miscellaneous, Staff Writers: Mitchell Portnoy Appointed to Board of Directors of Hudson Institute of Mineralogy, 23-2:12
    Miscellaneous, Staff Writers: New Show Announcement (Georgia), 23-8:14
    Miscellaneous, Staff Writers: Recent Donations Received by the Hudson Institute of Mineralogy, 22-5:9
    MSC, Press Release: Pinch Medal Awarded, 23-1:14
    Nash, Kelly: Field Collecting Gloves, 20-4:4
    Nash, Kelly: Googling the Earth, 21-10:4
    Nestorak, K.L.: 2006 Tucson Pricing Discourages Collectors, 22-3:7
    Nestorak, K.L.: Are Paper Publications Still Relevant?, 23-5:13
    Nestorak, K.L.: Collection Disposal Commentary, 22-1:10
    Nestorak, K.L.: Excalibur Suspends Analytical Services, 22-10:11
    Nikischer, Tony: (Column introducing "Lininger's Matrix"), 21-2:9
    Nikischer, Tony: A Tempest in a Teapot: More on Loseyite, 23-3:11
    Nikischer, Tony: After the Nuclear Holocaust, We'll Still Have Minerals to Study! (Seaman Mineral Museum), 23-5:9
    Nikischer, Tony: Author Apathy Strikes Back with Vigor, 21-6:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Bill Metropolis Retires from Harvard, 22-12:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Canadian Candy Company Confusing Collectors, 23-6:14
    Nikischer, Tony: Carnegie Museum Cancels Mineral Show for 2007: The Death Spiral Begins, 23-1:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Crystals: Growth, Morphology & Perfection by I. Sunagawa, 22-7:7
    Nikischer, Tony: Death Spiral of Mineral Shows: Is it the Chicken or the Egg?, 22-5:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Deceased: Ernie Schlichter (1929-2007), 23-4:15
    Nikischer, Tony: Deceased: Joseph A. Mandarino (1929-2007), 23-10:15
    Nikischer, Tony: Deceased: Richard A. Schooner (1925-2007), 23-3:15
    Nikischer, Tony: Deceased: William (Bill) Cook, Jr. (1927-2006), 23-2:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Diamond Localities - Part I, 21-7:14
    Nikischer, Tony: Dr. Frederick Harvey Pough (1906-2006), 22-5:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Dr. Hugo Strunz (1910-2006), 22-8:11
    Nikischer, Tony: Dr. Igor Pekov to Visit the U.S., 22-1:12
    Nikischer, Tony: Fake Montana "Diamonds", 22-11:12
    Nikischer, Tony: Fire Damages Wright's Rock Shop, 22-12:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Forrest Cureton Species Collection Sold, 21-9:11
    Nikischer, Tony: Geology of Gem Deposits, L. Groat, Editor, 23-9:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Geology of Southern Vancouver Island (Revised Edition) by Chris Yorath, 21-6:9
    Nikischer, Tony: Geology of the American Southwest by W.S. Baldridge, 21-4:6
    Nikischer, Tony: Geopolitical Upheavals and the Accuracy of Modern Mineral Specimen Labels, 21-4:7
    Nikischer, Tony: Guidebook to the Pegmatites of Western Australia by Mark I. Jacobson, et al., 23-12:7
    Nikischer, Tony: How NOT to Disperse a Collection, 21-11:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Hudson Institute of Mineralogy Adopts Two Local Schools, 23-9:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Hudson Institute Receives Donation from the AMNH, 21-5:12
    Nikischer, Tony: Ilmeny Mountains by V. Popov and V. Popeva, 22-5:6
    Nikischer, Tony: IMA Insult: Hancockite Renamed for No Good Reason, 23-9:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Images of America: Connecticut Mining by J. Pawloski, 22-7:7
    Nikischer, Tony: John Cianciulli (1949-2005), 21-2:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Julius Weber Collections Sold, 21-12:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Khibiny by V. Yakovenchuk et al., 22-2:1
    Nikischer, Tony: L.A. County Museum Donation, 21-9:12
    Nikischer, Tony: Laughs at the Barton Garnet Mine Tour, 21-9:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Los Angeles County Musuem Acquires Outstanding Micromount Collection, 21-2:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Lunar Mineral Found at Franklin, NJ, 23-8:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Martin Jensen Leaves Collector's Edge, 21-9:2
    Nikischer, Tony: Media Reviews: Mineral Collecting In and Around Quartzite (DVD), 23-3:6
    Nikischer, Tony: Media Reviews: Photo-Atlas of Minerals, Version 2.0 (DVD), 23-3:6
    Nikischer, Tony: MinDex 2004 Review, 21-5:6
    Nikischer, Tony: Mineral Identification by Donald Peck, 23-10:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Mineral News to Suspend Publication?, 21-5:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Mineral Species First Described from Greenland by Ole V. Petersen and Ole Johnsen, 21-12:12
    Nikischer, Tony: Mineralogical Almanac Changes Focus, 23-6:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Minerals First Discovered in Switzerland by Philippe Roth, 23-2:5
    Nikischer, Tony: Minerals of the Kerch Iron-Ore Basin by N.V. Chukanov, 21-3:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Minerals that Explode!, 22-1:15
    Nikischer, Tony: Minerals: Their Constitution and Origins by H. Wenk & A. Bulakh, 21-1:9
    Nikischer, Tony: More about Miscreants (reaction to "Radical Proposal" by Carter Rich), 23-11:9
    Nikischer, Tony: Opinion: American Education System Flunks Geology Usefulness Exam, 22-5:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Opinion: USPS Global Priority Mail Fails to Deliver Once Again, 23-3:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Part 1: What Else is There to Collect (re: Stamps), 22-7:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Part 2: What Else is There to Collect (re: Model Trains ), 22-11:5
    Nikischer, Tony: Philadelphia Academy Mineral Collection Update, 21-2:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Philadelphia Academy to Sell Collection, 22-11:8
    Nikischer, Tony: Platinum Group Element (PGE) Minerals of the Atrato River, Choaco, Colombia, 21-5:9
    Nikischer, Tony: Radioactive Minerals: New Detection Capability at Highway Checkpoints, 21-3:13
    Nikischer, Tony: Reward Offered for Stolen Specimens, 21-9:2
    Nikischer, Tony: Rochester Symposium Preview, 22-3:3
    Nikischer, Tony: Russian Localities Shrouded in Secrecy?, 22-1:12
    Nikischer, Tony: The Fersman Mineralogical Museum, 21-10:8
    Nikischer, Tony: The Missing Human Element in Mineral Museum Displays, 23-12:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Changes Ownership, 21-12:10
    Nikischer, Tony: Trace Elements in Magmas by D.M. Shaw, 22-8:15
    Nikischer, Tony: Tucson Show Uproar Emerges as Executive Inn Show Self-Destructs, 22-3:1
    Nikischer, Tony: Unexpected Treasures in Thin Section (Part I), 23-4:5
    Nikischer, Tony: Unexpected Treasures in Thin Section (Part II), 23-5:6
    Nikischer, Tony: Volcano Adventure Guide by Rosaly Lopes, 21-5:7
    Nikischer, Tony: What Will Be New in Tuscon This Year?, 22-1:13
    Nikischer, Tony : "New" Discovery of Philipsbornite and Segnitite, 20-1:1
    Nikischer, Tony : (Rutile on Hematite in Laboratory Notes), 20-6:11
    Nikischer, Tony : David Shannon Obituary, 20-1:5
    Nikischer, Tony : Describing Mineral Colors, 20-9:13
    Nikischer, Tony : Geology of Gems by E. Y. Kievlenko, 20-9:9
    Nikischer, Tony : Grandmasters of Mineral Photography, 20-5:4
    Nikischer, Tony : Hudson Institute of Mineralogy Established, 20-4:1
    Nikischer, Tony : Hudson Institute of Mineralogy Receives IRS Tax-Exempt Status, 20-12:8
    Nikischer, Tony : Idaho Minerals 2nd Edition by Lanny Ream, 20-12:8
    Nikischer, Tony : Jay Lininger Obituary, 20-11:11
    Nikischer, Tony : Kukisvumchorr Deposit: Mineralogy of Alkaline Pegmatites and Hydothemalites by I.V. Pekov and A.S. Podlesnyi, 20-2:10
    Nikischer, Tony : Mine Hill in Franklin and Sterling Hill in Ogdensburg, Sussex County, New Jersey: Mining History, 1765-1900 by Pete J. Dunn, 20-11:9
    Nikischer, Tony : Mineralogy of Michigan by E.W. Heinrich (G.W. Robinson Update), 20-7:13
    Nikischer, Tony : New Product: Periodic Table in Earth & Sky, 20-9:12
    Nikischer, Tony : Pegmatology - Pegmatite Mineralogy, Petrology and Paragenesis by W. Simmons, K. Webber, A. Falster and J. Nizamoff, 20-3:13
    Nikischer, Tony : Philadelphia Museum Attempts to Liquidate Historic Mineral Collection, 20-11:1
    Nikischer, Tony : Publisher's Note: The Mad Dog Controversy, 20-8:14
    Nikischer, Tony : Richard Bideaux Obituary, 20-12:13
    Nikischer, Tony : Systematic Classification of Minerals by James Ferraiolo, 20-6:6
    Nikischer, Tony : Tennantite-Tetrahedrite Paroblem - Part I, 20-6:10
    Nikischer, Tony : Tennantite-Tetrahedrite Paroblem - Part II, 20-7:11
    Nikischer, Tony : The Franklin-Sterling Mineral List, 20-10:13
    Nikischer, Tony : The Pegmatite Mines Known as Palermo by R.W. Whitmore and R.C. Lawrence, Jr., 20-10:7
    Nikischer, Tony : The Tourmaline and The History of Mount Mica (Reprints) by A.C. Hamlin, 20-8:7
    Nikischer, Tony : Tucson Disaster Avoided(?) as Major Shows Move in 2005, 20-4:4
    Parker, Fred J.: Rediscovery and Loss of the Clarksville Quartz Location, 21-3:14
    Pekov, Dr. Igor V. et al.: New Data on the Mineralogy of the Lovozero Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia, 22-1:1
    Pekov, Igor: Fluorescent Minerals of the Khibiny-Lovozero Alkaline Complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia, 20-11:6
    Petrov, Alfredo: A Scientific Study of the Absorption of Evil by Vivianite, 22-10:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: Abundant New Vivianites from Potosi, Bolivia, 20-3:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: Hunting for a Lost Type Locality, 21-2:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: It Would Never Happen Here! -- A Visit to the Shin-Otani Manganese Mine, Japan, 21-6:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: Mother Nature's Violent & Poisonous Underworld, 22-2:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: Rediscovery of a Classic Iron-Sulfate Locality in Argentina, 21-9:7
    Petrov, Alfredo: The Mineralogy of Desperation: Mining Tourmaline and Kotoite in North Korea, 23-4:1
    Petrov, Alfredo: Tucson 2006 Curves Show Report, 22-3:5
    Plotkin, Bradley D.: Heulandite, Apophyllite and Chalcedony Pseudomorphs after Pectolite, 20-12:1
    Plotkin, Bradley D.: Prehnite, Calcite, and Chabazite Epimorphs after Pectolite, 20-1:1
    Plotkin, Bradley D.: Stalactites from Prospect Park, New Jersey, 21-9:1
    Pohwat, Paul: A Reaction to "Observations by a Pessimist", 21-7:6
    Pohwat, Paul: Mineras and their Localities by Dr. J. Bernard and J. Hyrsl, 22-4:7
    Pohwat, Paul: Reaction to "Death Spiral of Mineral Shows", 22-6:6
    Polityka, Joseph: Jay Lininger Collection Auction, 21-9:10
    Ponshock, Perry M.: Copper Crystals from the Flambeau Mine, 20-7:1
    Portnoy, Mitch: Hints for Proper Behavior at Mineral Shows, 23-1:5
    Pough, Fred: The Rueppele Mine, 21-10:1
    Rader, William L.: Calcite Geodes from the Glen Rose Formation of Comal County, Texas, 20-2:1
    Rader, William L.: Fred DeVito Obituary, 20-5:6
    Rader, William L.: Recent Mineral Discoveries in the Lower Cretaceous Rock Formations of Central Texas, 21-5:1
    Rambo, Doug, et al.: Tribute to Jay Lininger from his Many Friends, 20-11:12
    Rambo, Douglas E.: The 15th Maine Mineralogical Symposium, 20-7:1
    Ream, Lannie: Gold & Wulfenite on South Gold Creek (Montana), 23-5:1
    Ream, Lanny: Segnitite and Other Secondary Minerals at the Ima Mine, Lemhi County, Idaho, 21-6:4
    Ream, Lanny: Within the Stone by Bill Atkinson, 21-1:8
    Rich, Carter: A Radical Proposal (about "miscreants"), 23-11:9
    Rich, Carter: From My Side of the Table: Mineral Dealing Stories, 23-12:9
    Rosenblatt, Rob: "To Schlicterize", 23-10:14
    Rowse, Ed: Mineralogy Trip to Peru, 21-10:13
    Rowse, Ed: Ukraine Mineral Collecting, 21-7:9
    Rumrill, James: Documentation of Mineral Specimens, 21-5:13
    Rumrill, James: Plastic Ziplock Bags for Minerals, 21-6:12
    Rumrill, James: The Cold Facts About Antarcticite, 21-3:10
    Russ, K.H.: Ruby and Fluorescence, 21-8:9
    Russ, K.H.: The Thomas S. Warren Museum of Fluorescence, 21-7:13
    Russ, K.H. (trans): Sale of Important Mineral Collections by Museums, 21-8:7
    Russ, K.H. (trans.): In Memoriam - Professor Dr. Hugo Strunz, 22-10:11
    Russ, Karl: Freiberg, Saxony -- The Silver Town, 23-11:4
    Russ, Karl: More Response to Earth Science Education, 22-11:15
    Santamaria, Jose: New Curator at the Weinman, 21-9:2
    Seaman Mineral Museum, Press Release: New Michigan Hall of Minerals, 20-12:15
    Seaman Mineral Museum (MI), Press Release: New Michigan Hall of Minerals, 21-1:6
    Shelton, Bill: American Mineral Classics: Copper from Michigan, 21-9:13
    Shelton, Bill: American Mineral Classics: Variscite from Utah, 21-7:11
    Shelton, Bill: Charoite - A Unique Russian Gemstone, 22-10:7
    Shelton, Bill: Green Garnet ("Demantoid") from Iran, 21-7:1
    Shelton, Bill: Hedenbergite, 23-11:1
    Shelton, Bill: Heliodor Revealed, 21-8:12
    Shelton, Bill: New (Somewhat) Books at Tucson 2007, 23-3:14
    Shelton, Bill: New Amethyst from Georgia, 22-3:4
    Shelton, Bill: Orletz, 23-6:4
    Shelton, Bill: Orpiment: From Paint to Poison, 23-5:1
    Shelton, Bill: Rounded and Radial Minerals, 23-7:1
    Shelton, Bill: Tourmalines of Malkhan by V. Zagorsky et al., 21-7:5
    Shelton, Bill: Transbaikal Aquamarine, 22-2:1
    Shelton, Bill and Adam Kokonowski: The 2007 Denver Show, 23-9:12
    Shelton, Bill and Bob Martinchek: The Axinite Group (Part I), 23-2:1
    Shelton, Bill and Bob Martinchek: The Axinite Group (Part II), 23-3:1
    Shelton, William: 2004-5 Gem & Mineral Almanac of the New York Mineralogical Club, 20-1:4
    Shelton, William: Almandine Garnet from Russell, Massachusetts, 20-4:11
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